School Search

What is a School


For families requiring school places the number one priority is finding the right school, however schools places can be difficult to find.  Equate Relocations (ER) can research potential schools based on your criteria in advance to ease this process


Mix and Match

Bespoke packages can be created by selecting elements from each of the ER services and building them into a programme based to suit your time available

Many schools exist in Dubai offering different curricula and facilities.  For expatiate students tuition is mainly in English, however schools exist for other languages


Places in some year groups are restricted and this makes it important to fully research, apply and establish a place as early as possible.  This also is a key action if you have more that one child to attempt to find places for all your children in the same school therefore making the ‘school run’ easier



Included in School Search Services


Provision of information on schools, colleges and nurseries that fall within your criteria.  Information will be supplied via email


Liaise with selected establishments for available places and monitor waiting lists


Arrange inspections of selected establishments and orientation of possible residential areas close to the establishments


Once an establishment has been selected, coordination of the application process, child assessments and liaison with you in all aspects of the registration process


Arrange for documentation to be couriered if necessary (additional cost). When possible electronic copies will be forwarded


Arrange for school transportation as required


Advise where to buy school uniforms and stationery



Please note the following:


Applications for school places will only be considered once the registration process has been completed and registration fees paid if applicable.  Most schools require to see previous school reports as part of this process


Some schools require students to take assessment tests, often in Dubai, before a place can be offered


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