What is an Orientation Tour?

This is Equate Relocations primary offering, providing newcomers with full perspectives of residential areas, schools and points of interest, whilst providing insight into the culture, diversity and hospitality


Orientations are provided on a 'look see' visit or when clients arrive permanently


Mix and Match

Bespoke packages can be created by selecting elements from each of the ER services and building them into a programme based to suit your time available

Welcome Pack


Equate Relocations provides a welcome pack full of useful information for clients to browse containing.


    Residents Guide and Map

    Shopping Mall Guides

    Entertainment Information

    Clubs and Associations

    Furniture Catalogues

    Information of Schools



Orientation Tour


Clients will be collected from the hotel then client priorities will be discussed so as to make best use of the time available.  This discussion can often be done in advance of client travel.


Usually the Orientation Tour format includes visiting and observing the following.


    Residential areas

    Schools and other educational establishments

    Kids clubs



    Play areas

    Municipal parks and recreation areas

    Golf clubs

    Beach clubs

    Furniture stores

    Soft furnishings stores e.g. curtains, upholsterers


    Groceries, household, appliances stores

    Hardware and DIY stores


    Hospitals, clinics and pharmacies


    Points of interest

    Places of Worship

    Police Stations and emergency services

    Post office, utilities and telecommunication services

    Transportation services

    Pet stores

    Veterinary surgeries

    Pet relocation companies

    Beauty salons, spa’s

    Dining, restaurants, fast food outlets

    Car showrooms


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