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About Equate Relocations

Equate Relocations (ER) provides destination services for professionals who are relocating to Dubai for employment purposes.  Main clients are multinational companies and large institutions supporting their HR departments. ER will be pleased to provide services directly to individuals


Mix and Match

Bespoke packages can be created by selecting elements from each of the ER services and building them into a programme based to suit your time available


Equate Relocations is a company that has two main focuses:


The first is it provides business benefits to employers by ensuring the new employee is productive and settled in the least possible time.


The second is by operating with a personal touch with the new employee’s family all trepidation and worries are minimised.


ER staff have lived in the Middle East for 18 years and have relocated their own families

Therefore they have first hand experience of the “highs and lows” of every aspect of changing countries.


ER make the perfect team to settle new employees and their families into their new lives. ER will take the stress and strain away enabling fast settlement.


Research shows that if the family is happy and settled, the rest falls into place. ER will show you the easy route to finding a home, schools for children, or shopping for those essential things that will make your house your home



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